The manual presents a substantial amount of information on the conduct of research studies.  This appendix contains a convenient checklist of the major steps that are essential to the completion of a successful research project.  The objective in preparing the list was to identify the most important items in point form.  The reader is referred to the text of the manual for a full explanation of individual items.


Check List

Problem Statement Development

·          Justifies need for project

·          States objectives clearly

·          Demonstrates urgency/priority

·          Identifies resources required


Project Selection

·          Within scope of program?

·          Researchable?

·          High benefit-cost ratio?

·          Resources available?

·          Solution timely?


Request for Qualifications

·          Description of duties

·          Format for response

·          Selection criteria, time, and schedule


Request for Proposals

·          Problem definition

·          Solution required

·          Schedule (and, sometimes, budget)

·          Format for response


Research Proposals

·          Research plan

·          Qualifications of the research team

·          Commitments of the research team

·          Facilities and equipment

·          Itemized budget and schedule



Review of Proposals and Contractor Selection

·          Concept of Problem

·          Research approach

·          Research principals

·          Facilities and equipment

·          Application of results


Research Work Plan

·          Background

·          Objectives

·          Research approach

·          Project team

·          Facilities and equipment

·          Budget and schedule

·          Anticipated results

·          Implementation plan


Execution of Research

·          Literature search

·          Identification of related studies

·          Timely adherence to milestones

·          Expenditures in accordance with research plan

·          Technical progress in accordance with expenditures

·          Regular progress reports

·          Involvement of client groups

·          Checks on validity of data (and modification of research plan, if necessary)

·          Checks on validity of analysis and interpretation

·          Preparation of final report


Implementation Activities and Follow-Up

·          Implementation strategy

·          Client involvement

·          Check on validity of results and research methods

·          Check on success of implementation activities

·          Evaluation of project