Committee on the Federal Transportation R&D
Strategic Planning Process*

H. NORMAN ABRAMSON, Chairman, NAE, (retired), Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas

R. WADE ALLEN, Systems Technology, Inc., Hawthorne, California

A. RAY CHAMBERLAIN, American Trucking Associations, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia

JOSEPH G. COCCHIARA, JR., Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans, Louisiana

BENJAMIN A. COSGROVE, NAE, (retired), Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, Seattle, Washington

R. GARY DIAZ, Industrialist, Lincolnshire, Illinois

JUDITH M. ESPINOSA, The Alliance for Transportation Research Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico

JACQUES S. GANSLER, TASC, Inc., Arlington, Virginia

MARGARET T. JENNY, US Airways, Arlington, Virginia

C. IAN MACGILLIVRAY, Iowa Department of Transportation, Ames

PAUL E. NOWICKI, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation, Schaumburg, Illinois

RALPH F. STOCKER, Trancon, Inc., Williamston, Michigan

JOSEPH M. SUSSMAN, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

JOHN J. WISE, NAE, (retired), Mobil Research and Development Corporation, Princeton, New Jersey

*The committee was composed and reviewed according to National Research Council procedures, and was judged to be free of potential conflicts of interest.

Mr. Diaz joined Navistar International Corporation, Chicago, Illinois, in June 1997.

Review of the Federal Transportation R&D Strategic Planning Process
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